Package paulscode.sound

Interface Summary
ICodec The ICodec interface provides a common interface for SoundSystem to use for accessing external codec libraries.

Class Summary
Channel The Channel class is the base class which can be extended for library-specific channels.
CommandObject The CommandObject class is used to store arguments in the SoundSystem's Command Queue.
CommandThread The CommandThread class is designed to move all command processing into a single thread to be run in the background and avoid conflicts between threads.
FilenameURL The FilenameURL class is designed to associate a String filename/identifier with a URL.
Library The Library class is the class from which all library types are extended.
ListenerData The listenerData class is used to store information about the listener's position and orientation.
MidiChannel The MidiChannel class provides an interface for playing MIDI files, using the JavaSound API.
SimpleThread The SimpleThread class is the template used to create all thread classes used by in the SoundSystem library.
SoundBuffer The SoundBuffer class is used to wrap audio data along with the format in which the data is stored.
SoundSystem The SoundSystem class is the core class for the SoundSystem library.
SoundSystemConfig The SoundSystemConfig class is used to access global sound system settings, and to link with external pluggins.
SoundSystemJPCT The SoundSystemJPCT class is a user-friendly extention of the core SoundSystem class.
SoundSystemLogger The SoundSystemLogger class handles all status messages, warnings, and error messages for the SoundSystem library.
Source The Source class is used to store information about a source.
StreamThread The StreamThread class is used to process all streaming sources.
Vector3D The Vector3D class contains methods to simplify common 3D vector functions, such as cross and dot product, normalize, etc.

Exception Summary
SoundSystemException The SoundSystemException class is used to provide information about serious errors.