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Title: I need help.
Post by: RainbowDash on March 29, 2012, 07:14:15 PM
How do I install a TAS plugin for Super Mario 64 running on Mupen64Plus for droid? I can't figure out how. I would appreciate it if someone could give me some tips. Thanks.
Title: Re: I need help.
Post by: Paul on March 29, 2012, 07:55:00 PM
Sorry for sounding ignorant, but I'm not familiar with TAS plug-ins.  I assume this is something that works on PC Mupen64Plus.  My initial thought is that such a plug-in would need to be ported to Android before it could be used.  Do you have some more information on the subject that I could look into?

I did a little googling, and it seems that this is a way of recording input events to be replayed, right?  I found an open-source TAS input plug-in.  I'll look into porting it to Android.