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Title: Any good resources for brushing up on JSON?
Post by: Paul on August 15, 2012, 03:25:33 PM
I have had some experience interfacing with JSON in the past, but nothing super-complicated.  And I've not hosted content either.  This is an important skill to have for a developer looking for a job with mobile apps (org.json.*) or of course for dynamic web content.  A lot of the jobs I've been looking at desire experience with JSON, so I figure mastering it will make me more marketable.

Anyone on the forum here know of some good resources I could check out to brush up my skills?  I've kind of been googling up some information, but looking for something a little more organized, to get from beginner to advanced.  My goal is to create an Android demo app I can show off to potential employers that interfaces via JSON with content I am hosting.
Title: Re: Any good resources for brushing up on JSON?
Post by: Paul on September 26, 2012, 03:32:44 PM
For anyone interested, I found a really good page that has simple code for setting up a link using JSON between an Android device and a server hosting a PHP script linked to a MySQL database.  It gets straight to the point and really demystifies the whole thing, and is a great place to start for anyone familiar with Android and PHP.  Being able to interface with web services from Android is an in-demand skill right now, so anyone thinking of getting a job as an Android developer should definitely study up on this, and use it to put together a demo to show off to potential employers.