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Title: Credits
Post by: Paul on January 10, 2013, 10:11:56 PM

 - Paul Lamb (paulscode) (original port to Android, front-end and core maintenance, debugging)
 - Ari64 (created core ARM dynarec, provided porting/ debugging assistance.. an assembly savant!)
 - Kris (Metricity) (ported Glide64 and Rice Video plug-ins to GLES2, assisted with debugging)
 - littleguy (new front-end, native input support, new input plug-in, Rumble support, project maintenance, Rice synchronization with upstream, SDL2.0 update)
 - Lioncash (multi-language support, code maintenance, audio options)
 - ecsv (Sven) (maintained synchronization with upstream, fixed multiple core bugs)
 - twinaphex (Squarepusher) (multiple video-plugin bug-fixes/ improvements, core regression fixes)
 - Gillou68310 (Gilles) (multiple new options and settings, video plug-in fixes -- major gles2rice fixes)
 - Pelya (ported components of SDL to Android)
 - Slouken (Sam Lantinga) Official SDL Android library
 - Epic_bubble (assisted with Xperia Play optimized content, researched useful open-source resources)
 - xperia64 (assisted with EEPROM clock emulation, also researched useful open-source resources)
 - cpasjuste (assisted with dynarec porting from 1.5 to 1.99.4)
 - GTan64 (provided alternate Mupen64Plus core port for comparison, assisted with SDL1.3 porting)
 - Yongzh (improved components of gles2n64, provided alternate Mupen64Plus core port for comparison)
 - ZodTTD (provided alternate gles2n64 port for comparison, helped track down a critical bug)
 - CZero (helped develop accurate octagon analog control algorithm)
 - BuckM (discovered the best analog control radius settings)
 - Orkin, Adventus (GLN64/gles2n64 video plug-in development, port to GLES2)
 - Rice (developed the famous Rice Video plug-in)
 - Hactarux, JttL, Ebenblues, Richard Goedeken (richard42) (Mupen64/Mupen64Plus devs.. the real geniuses!)
 - (many more)

"Extreme" Testers:

 - Epic_bubble
  - xperia64
  - scorpio16v
  - (way too many more to mention!)


 - roymustang16 (touchscreen layouts)
 - shuy3n (icons, promotional graphics)
 - Alex Gleason (Gleasonator) (alternate ICS icon, OUYA graphics)


 - Epic_bubble (promotional video)
 - Potticus (compatibility wiki)
 - Vincentmrl (FAQ/ device compatibility moderator)


 - ruben.miguel
 - Johrie
 - AlexPicard
 - Kopjethee
 - (Wouter Snijders) Mysticmaus
 - (Vince) ashes
 - servenn
 - Lioncash
 - Robert202
 - (Gabriel Alencar) omundodogabriel
 - (Luciano Braga) LucianoBraga
 - gdark100
 - (Pierre T) BHTGO
 - (Rafał Falkowski) Poomex
 - (Spanti Nicola) RyDroid
 - (Paul Lange) matheguru
 - (Kevin Bräutigam) CR4CYJ3RKF4C3
 - (Philipp Zacharias) JUMPhil
 - Pahnda
 - (Danny Krug) Wandschrank
 - (Sven Eckelmann) ecsv
 - (Vincenzo Martino) Vincentmrl
 - (Ahmet Sezgin Duran) marjinal1st
 - (AYBERK HALAC) DevilSquarD
 - rozkerim
 - (Pablo Curiel) DarkMatterCore
 - (VIcente Andrés Marcel González) baizen
 - (198626dejunio) dfalconx
 - (Diego Fernando) dfersd01
 - f3w1n
 - gutss
 - (Jose Mendoza) tactic
 - Tom.K
 - hbali
 - AlexanderR
 - (Алексей) Alexy516
 - (2128506a) dezzzdro
 - (Toño Calo) enfeitizador
 - (Oskar Sundell) Scandinavian
 - (Albin Berg) Amnesti
Norwegian Bokmål
 - (Neethan Puvanendran) xtremesmw
Sri Lanka
 - (Ashintha Rukmal Perera) ashintha89

Important Contributers:

- GiantenemyCrab of the Obsidian Order (trev186)
- Gazdaman
- Jose R. Cordero Ladner
- Ron Neely II
- William Fritts
- Eric
- Anthony Migues
- Kevin Berger
- Robert Corbett
- Sean Walley
- boelthorn
- Rywern
- Matthew Bailey
- Jimmy "JR" Ray Tyner III
- David Flaiz
- Nicolas Kokot
- direland
- Scott Tolinski
- Stuart Marks
- Sean O'Hara
- Wouter Snijders
- Paul Pretsch
Title: Re: Credits
Post by: Paul on January 10, 2013, 10:17:09 PM
If I missed anyone (which I'm sure I did), or if you would like to be listed under a different name/ alias here in the credits, just let me know..
Title: Re: Credits
Post by: fancygirl on March 24, 2013, 06:47:41 PM
Hi nice to meat everybody. Like what new games are there to play.
Title: Re: Credits
Post by: baizen on April 11, 2013, 01:20:17 AM
I helped translating and correcting some strings to spanish around a year ago with another guy. Not sure if they are still active though, since it's been long
Title: Re: Credits
Post by: Paul on April 11, 2013, 08:02:03 AM
I added you.  Translators definitely needs to be updated.  I'll try and get this up to date.  If anyone has helped out and find yourself not in the list, just let me know and I'll add you.  Not trying to leave folks out - there are just too many to keep track of  ;D