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General Discussion / Re: Analog Controller FAQ and Compatibility List
« on: August 01, 2013, 12:31:52 PM »
I just got an nVidia Shield and all of the buttons work within Mupen64+AE free off the market.  That includes both analog sticks and both triggers on the back of the device in addition to all the normal buttons and d-pad.  I tested using Majora's Mask. 

It is running Android 4.2.1 and is otherwise stock from nVidia.  There was a day one OTA update from nVidia though that was 400+mb in size.  Not sure if that changed versions of Android on me since I allowed it to happen before I did anything with the device at all.

I know this may not be the place but Majora's Mask goes to a black screen if I am in the game and push start.  I would say I have about 10 seconds to do what I need to do in the start screen before the screen turns black, though I can still see the on screen controls that are within Majora's Mask, like the A, B and c stick buttons   If I just push start to get out of the start screen it functions normally again.  I am not sure if that's a known issue or part of my device.  I mention it since this is a compatibility thread and if that issue isn't known I guess it could be my device.

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