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General Discussion / Re: How to backup ROMs from N64 cartridges
« on: March 23, 2016, 03:31:40 AM »
Hi Paul,

Just wanted to say - this is amazing stuff! I found my old v3.2 GameShark from the late 90s, and my 2003 laptop running Windows XP with a builtin DB25 port (female) and all I needed was an $8 male-to-female printer cable to connect the two, and it worked seamlessly. This is by far the cheapest games dumping setup I've paid any money for!

My notes:
* It didn't need the conversion at the end, any .bin file seems to be supported by Mupen64Plus regardless of byte arrangement.
* Windows XP dumped Blast Corps fine with no modifications. Haven't done a checksum yet, (not sure where to look on that) but game runs for the first few levels just fine.
* Only took 6min to rip this one compared to the described 15min to multiple hours. Will be ripping more in the future, hoping for similarly good times.

Great stuff though, thanks!

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