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Personally I think all of um that I tried worked better on AE version. I know for sure Perfect Dark, Pokemon Stadium, and Goldeneye do I'm pretty sure Mario64 is a little better too but not positive I didn't play to many on it mainly bc Perfect Dark was "playable" but not very good which might be due to my sub par handset but again just guessing and personal opinion. What was a little weird is that the file download works a tiny bit better than the app I downloaded on the Play Store. If I had a better device to run them on I could probably give much better feedback which I should have b4 the end of this year 

 - Does storing ROM's under n64/roms. change anything when choosing game in the app. To elaborate a little more, in Mupen64 plus fz the app would find ROM's automatically but doesn't run the best on my device so I ended up finding that Mupen64 Plus AE runs a lot smoother, but I have to manually search threw folders to pick the game but I currently don't have it setup as "n64/roms". So I was curious if I did setup folders this way would it only locate them automatically and that's it or does it make it easier to select game when changing... I'm curious mainly b/c the way it is now when I unpack the .zip files I get a folder of the game containing the .z64 file but if I don't take the actual file out of said folder and place each one in a folder of only .z64 files when switching games I have to go in and out of an extra folder every time...
 - Also along the same lines I AM able to just load all but a small percentage of the games in the .zip format without unpacking so will putting most .zip files and remaining .z64 files/(or folders if possible) in a folder "roms" and then in parent "n64" folder still show up automatically.
 - Probably a dumb question but when setting up "n64/roms" folders does capitalization/punctuation matter? Curious if "N64/ROM's" would work?
 - I believe last week while searching for answers to some of my questions I found buried in someone else's question a reply about storing and changing game save files (i.e. mupen64plus folder located in internal storage) and moving those to an external storage/ sd card in my case I wasn't able to read it at the time and I didn't save or remember which post it was in. I'm having difficulty with this and can't seem to figure it out only own despite quite a few different tries... From other posts my understanding from reading was that I can move the entire folder "mupen64plus" created in my internal storage and put it in my sd card and switch the game save location option in settings of app to the new location and everything load fine but when I tried this there was no saved app data showing up in the app at all until I would move the folder back after deleting app data from settings. Not sure if I'm confusing this from a different version or just missing some details but would be awesome if I am able to store all saved data from app in external storage also.
*** Sorry if these specific questions are posted somewhere I'm not seeing. And thanks for anybody taking time to read and more so help if at all possible

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