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Your Projects / Re: Yabause AE - Continuation
« on: July 16, 2013, 10:27:10 AM »
I just checked the forum for the first time in quite a while and have had such a roller coaster of emotion from the handheld offs, discontinuation, and rebirth of the project. I love my Saturns, and my androids... I appreciate what everyone has done with this project and look forward to continuing development.


Support / KI Gold
« on: April 13, 2012, 03:42:07 AM »
Odd bug for me (being that I don't have another game that does this). Forgive me if this has been reported already, but even though the game runs, the title screen runs in portrait mode. You can select any mode of play, you just can't see what you're selecting. You can play the game once you get into the right mode. Looks great and runs well from there.

Paul's Projects / Re: Porting Yabause to Android
« on: April 13, 2012, 02:41:38 AM »
Yeah, partner, thanks.

I ripped some others today, Night Warriors, because it isn't on the spreadsheet and my copy is pristine. Booted, but crashed as the Capcom logo was animating. Also, Nights, because it was confirmed to be playable (somewhat). Mine got to the Sonic Team logo and froze. As for CWN, I don't know what's going on. I've got PSX games that look worse and have made clean, playable eboots from them. The same image runs on my Yabause PSP emulator, it just doesn't cooperate with this for some reason.

Anyway, sorry to bog the thread down with my useless bug reporting. Still very pumped up about this!

Paul's Projects / Re: Porting Yabause to Android
« on: April 12, 2012, 01:55:02 AM »
Droid x2, rooted, stock ROM, 2.3.4

game files are in the same folder sd-ext/media/roms/saturn/clockwork knight/.bin .cue

i still haven't gotten around to trying any other games, but i have now tried clockwork knight in bin/cue setup and .iso. maybe it is my game though. it has some scratches, but in my experience, imgburn won't create an image of a fubar disc.

the .apk i have is the pre-alpha, march, 12th build.

Paul's Projects / Re: Porting Yabause to Android
« on: April 11, 2012, 02:26:16 AM »
I have literally done all of those things. I appreciate the detailed directions, and quick response though. I'll keep trying.

So I have pretty much confirmed that my "PAL" BIOS is actually the U.S. BIOS, which is great, cause that's what I want. However, I have re-ripped my Clockwork Knight and still cannot get it to boot up. I just get the System tray/CD player thing. I'm totally stoked that I get this much though. I freakin' love you guys.

Paul's Projects / Re: Porting Yabause to Android
« on: April 10, 2012, 03:12:41 AM »
I am having trouble getting the games to run. I have a BIOS pack trio the "U.S." .bin file I have looks just like the Japanese, and the Euro looks like the U.S. - regardless, none of them will load my Clockwork Knight.

Should I be naming the BIOS files something specific? Does anyone have any idea why my (U) BIOS file would look like a Japanese one? Or advise on how can I tell I have the right one, maybe? Also, I read that the games MUST be .cue files. I tried renaming the .bin file as .cue, but it came up with "This disc is not supported..." I have some other games I will rip tomorrow. do .iso files work better/worse?

Also, heck yes, on Mupen update!

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