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So I have one of these Mayflash huijia usb nin 64 converters
these things right here:

But as i've found out, and a bunch of others have as well, if you don't calibrate the joystick with this mayflash device, you're sol.

While the Ouya controller registers it's axis' at (-)1.0 fully pressed in any direction, the mayflash with a nin64 controller attached doesn't go more than .50-.60 which means mario walks...  and walks slowly..  :/

Is there a way to calibrate the controller in mupen64?  or possibly somehow edit a config file to make up for this converters shortcoming?  I'd return this pos if that was the only option, but I also haven't seen any other usb converters out there as of late so I can still use my original controllers.

I'm going to try to boot the ouya up without any controller but the nin64 and see if somehow that fixes it, but the nin64 controller can't actually activate any of the ouya's menus....  ugh  :/

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