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Other Support / Uploading avatar?
« on: December 01, 2014, 04:59:19 PM »
Hi all!

I can't find a way to upload my avatar. Is there any special way to do this?

General Discussion / Rice to OpenGL2.1 and OpenGL ES 2
« on: December 01, 2014, 04:49:49 PM »
Hello buddies!  ;D

I realize here is maybe the most active place talking about mupen64plus devs, even if it's mainly AE related there is a lot of work pushed back in the main repo (I think it's good!).

When I see how few N64 scene is it's a shame we are all separate.

So, as you maybe know, I've tried very hard to push Rice OpenGL 2.1 and OpenGL ES 2 compliant and remove gl2es. The idea was to limit as branching as possible and have a Rice version that should compile smoothly for Desktop and Smartphones.

I have no experience is smartphone. I know you are the most well placed guys to give me feedbacks and this is why I'm here. :)

@littleguy, if you read my code you will see I've put all what you merged back to rice as the main code path now. I tried as much a possible to remove every dependencies to old opengl.

So, if put the "official" (without too much hack) Rice version to AE (and possibly other) would be possible I would be glad to help.

Please tell me what is wrong (I'm sure there is) with the current state of Rice before I ask Richard to merge all of this into the main repo.

Here is my original mail on the mupen64plus mailing list:

Hi guys!

I've finally push the most boring code part to do on a open source
project: Prepare extension calls! :D

This was necessary to bring back the cross platform stuff m64p project
is supposed to be.

So at this stage, the repo should compile at the same cross platform
level than before all my changes.

Next: "From what I understand", you "should" be able to compile in
OpenGL ES. I say should because for now, the only way I've been able to
tests for OGLES is hardcoding the driver flag in the Makefile:196, use
USE_GLES, and maybe hide some #if SDL_VIDEO_OPENGL stuff in osal_opengl.h.

I know, this does not seem sexy. Everything would became easier once
your feedbacks will came and the Makefile will be more consistent.

Why it take so long?

1) I've not been able to prepare a building env with my Raspberry Pie.
So the OpenGL ES code is not truely tested. I've tested actually
"forced" the Mesa GL ES driver of my chipset. It was working but I have
no idea if this is a relevant test case.

2) Seriously, the way to create OpenGL callbacks is a pain. So I have to
find "huge" amount of motivation to spend my little personal time to do
such boring stuff... But it's done now!

So now guys, I need you!

There is a true lack of "nice" OGLES way to compile

If anyone could compile this on various platform (I'm specially
interested by ES hardware) and report what they have to fight for etc...
If you also could compile the original repo to be sure it's a problem
coming from my modifications: << Mine << official repo
(my modifs are not pushed yet)

There is still some code cleanup to do. I also know Zelda 64 as a tiny
clamping problems on the shader side (bringing to some dark dots in the
screen) but it should be ok for testing.

Any feedback is welcome. I'm also interested about performance feedbacks
(slower? faster?). I have the impression it's a little faster.

Once again, a big thanks to LittleBoy77. Your code really help me to
follow the good direction! :)

A big thanks in advance for all of you that could help me on this last
(but not easy) step!

Any feedback on this is welcome.

We all want Rice code don't die. This was my intent when I've choose to rework Rice code.

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