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Other Support / Minecraft Broke in the Most Mysterious of Ways
« on: March 24, 2018, 12:05:09 PM »
i have been an avid player of minecraft for a while. i had been playing on a minigame server, and i decided to close out the game and the launcher. later i opened it back up, and the little creeper face in the top left corner of the launcher had been replaced by this:\_(ツ)_/ i had no idea that this would cause so much issue. after the first few restarts, i opened the output log on launch to see if there was a background issue that i could see. nothing on the first try, but on the second try, the \_(ツ)_/ was yet again replaced by that spots original owner: the hidden creeper face that should have been there the whole time. every time i opened minecraft from the start of the issue, the sound was fuzzed like a tv losing reception, and magnified. but when i opened minecraft with the creeper face finally returned, this happened:
11:49:34    chm    SoundSystem shutting down...
11:49:35    chm    Author: Paul Lamb, www paulscode com
that had never happened before, and as soon as i saw this i went to the site shown. i hope that i can get a speedy review on this, because i think that i was hacked by someone using a code you had created.
PS. i could not show the actual message on the second part of that weird finding in the output log because the forums does not apparently allow users to put down the home website.

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