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Support / mario 64 on droid razr
« on: February 09, 2012, 10:19:29 AM »
When using HDMI hook up on the Droid razr to mirror on display Mario 64 glitches really bad but without it hooked up to the TV it runs perfectly fine messing around last night I found a topic on disabling the audio plug in to help smooth things out doing that fixed the glitches but now ithere's no sound just out of curiosity I turned the audio plug in back on I plugged my headphones into the audio Jack on the phone itself while still hooked up to the HDMI cable started the program up loaded Mario 64 everything worked perfectly while I was still In the game I unplugged the headphones and the game continued to run smooth with sound through the TV and everything so I restarted the program and loaded everything again without the headphones plugged in and the glitches were back so I redid everything I said before to make sure it wasn't luck that one time but it works great every time hope this helps

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