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General Discussion / Sixaxis Controller Setup Instructions
« on: December 26, 2012, 11:43:11 AM »
I created this thread to be completely for setting up Sixaxis controllers to work with Mupen. It's really simple to do, but some of the vagueness in Sixaxis Controller has made it hard for some people to figure it out.

Instructions written for Mupen64Plus AE release optimized build (22 Dec 2012) and Sixaxis Controller 0.6.1.

Check your device for compatibility with Sixaxis Controller before getting it!

Sixaxis Controller Compatibility Checker

1.   Mupen64Plus AE
2.   Sixaxis Controller (requires root!)

These instructions assume youíre starting from default settings.
1.   Pair your controller (Intructions)
2.   Press the three dot icon -> Preferences -> Gamepad Settings -> Enable Gamepad (make it checked).
3.   Open Mupen64Plus AE
4.   Settings-> Input -> Gamepad/keyboard (Make sure it is on!)
5.   Press calibrate, and then move the joysticks in complete circles a couple times, and also press and release the triggers. Press Ok.
6.   Press the on screen controls and then the press the Sixaxis buttons you want mapped to those controls.

Thatís all there is to it!

These instructions assume youíre starting from default settings.

2+ Player Setup:

When you want to play with more controllers, pair them with your device, and in Mupen, repeat steps 4-6, except instead of pressing Gamepad/keyboard, scroll down to Player 2 and repeat the steps. Each time you start a game, you will have to press the back button (or however you open the overlay menu in your device), press the three dots -> Multiplayer Setup -> PlayerX and follow the on screen instructions.

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