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Support / Re: Mupen64plus FZ Cannot Find Memory Pak
« on: February 05, 2018, 12:08:24 PM »
Oh, GREAT....

solution was finded a couple posts upper

All what had to be done is took mupen64plus.INI from new version and place in AE version ( \Память телефона\Android\data\org.mupen64plusae.v3.alpha)  and save files has apper in folder!)
 - maybe it was helpful to sombody too

But recognize that INI -file  now location in modern version packaged in same .app file is TOO HARD  :o then Компьютер\m2\Память телефона\Android\data\org.mupen64plusae.v3.alpha - in AE vesion.... (WHY???)

Support / Re: Mupen64plus FZ Cannot Find Memory Pak
« on: February 05, 2018, 10:05:13 AM »
Hello :)

Same question...

Game - VirtuaPro Wrestling 2
Emulator version  - Mupen64plus AE(v3 alpha)
App version: 3.a.0(debug)
Version code: 37

( i know, i know...)

Issue  - save problem (located files)

So, when runing official japanes version emulator created path:
Компьютер\m2\Память телефона\mupen64plusae-v3-alpha\GameData\�ްl� ���ڽ 2 (J) 90002501777E3237739F5ED9B0E349E2\SramData, where sitated 2 save files - Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 - Oudou Keishou (J) [!].mpk  and Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 - Oudou Keishou (J) [!].sra.

But when run translated patched version, create path:
Компьютер\m2\Память телефона\mupen64plusae-v3-alpha\GameData\�ްl� ���ڽ 2 (J) 34A4FE395DA536A93C00E86D69FBEA10\SramData , but no saves files there. Sramdata IS JUST EMPTY FOLDER :-[ and not ability to transfer my own saves here from PC like in original japanes-non-hacked version.

But in real, some mystic savefile  is created ( where?), cause changes in game(translated version) that i do in options for example, or create a wrestler still remains in next game launch. And its lost when i just delete empty folder SramData.

So, i want to know where saves files from translated version are situated. And then replace them by my Pc-emulator saves.

P.s:  Yeah, I know- i know yje more modern version of emulator - Mupen64FZ now in googlplay. And its no has problem with saves ( its has .sra and .mpk files in SramData folder) in translated version.
  But its very slow on my device betveen AE version.
And i would like apply it to AE vesion.

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