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General Discussion / Re: Beta Testing Has Begun!
« on: April 04, 2012, 01:15:35 PM »
The next update will be in 1-2 weeks (I'm shooting for this coming weekend, but I always underestimate time, so stay tuned).  The reason for the long time on this one, is I am updating the core (and I need to make sure it is worth putting out before I do.  If not, I will have to stick with 1.99.4 core until 1.99.5 is ready).  Besides the core update, other changes will be multilingual support (and a few languages added), reintegrated gles2n64 video plug-in (hopefully), auto backup/restore of save files when running Restore App Data, fixed plug-in importing, and rumble-pack support.  If I do publish the core update, other changes will include improvements in a couple games (including Perfect Dark, Ogre 64, and Pokemon Stadium) and working core speed options (may make more games playable).  Things I will consider adding if I have enough time (if I'm under that 2-week deadline) will be cheats, dynamic audio pitch (to eliminate skipping in mild cases), swipe analog input (for first-person shooters, Zelda horseback archery, etc), and turbo/ toggle button behavior options.  If I can get ahold of the Sixaxis Controller IME developer, I will add support for it as well.

Sounds awesome! Especially if you manage to do the sixaxis support :) keep it up man!!!!

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