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Support / Re: Low FPS on Mupen64+
« on: June 22, 2016, 12:00:34 PM »
Disabling frame buffer emulation allowed graphics to be shown, but heavily glitched with moving characters not being erased and white boxes instead of most objects.

Support / Re: Low FPS on Mupen64+
« on: June 22, 2016, 08:53:17 AM »
fzurita, the version from your Google drive does not work with GlideN64-GLES-2.0 emulation profile on Nvidia Shield Portable (tried Conker and Banjo Kazooie). I just get a black screen but I can hear the audio. I tried Glide64_accurate and that works ok.

Support / Re: Low FPS on Mupen64+
« on: June 21, 2016, 06:02:59 AM »
Hi, i'm back :p
I tried using vídeo plugin Of es 2.0 on OpegGL3 config, and tried to change the OpenGLES2.0 emulation plugin using the configs you put here. Same result, terrible gameplay... :(

Maybe I left it too long to check back and download, but I'm getting file does not exist again for your link :-(

Support / Re: Low FPS on Mupen64+
« on: June 14, 2016, 10:12:30 AM »
Please try this build:


Create a new emulation profile by copying GLideN64 GLES 3.0 profile. In that new profile, use these options (If I don't mention something, leave it default):
Bilinear filtering: Standard
Anisotropic filtering: 0
Texture cache: 100MB
Widescreen hack: off
Noise emulation: on
LOD emulation: on
Per-pixel lightning: off
Persistent storage for compiled shaders: on
Make texrect coordinates continuous: auto
Fix texrect image misalignment: off
Enable frame buffer emulation: on
Swap frame buffers: on buffer update
Copy color buffer to RDRAM : async
Native resolution factor: 3x
Texture filter: smooth 1
Texture enhancement: 4xBRZ
Deposterize texture before enhancement: on

Hit back after you are done.

Click on this new profile and make it default M

Try a game and let me know how it goes.

I would be interested in trying this if I can get better performance on my NVidia Shield Portable, but the link gave an error file not present. Could you provide another link?

Support / Re: Issues with Rare games and more
« on: May 26, 2016, 12:00:09 PM »
I rooted my shield so I'm good there. But sadly, nothing changed for some reason. It still says I'm using the same clock speed.

I agree that Interactive governor in No Frills CPU may not provide any benefit vs Nvidia built in as it might be well optimised already. It had more effect on my GPD-G5A since that had pretty poorly implemented CPU control. Fzurita is correct that performance will lock all cores at max frequency, which is the most you can do without actually overclocking (which you can't do with No Frills CPU anyway).

Regarding if No Frills is doing what it's supposed to do, you will need to be rooted and when you apply the performance setting it should ask for Superuser permission. If this occurred for you then check the stats and you should see the last 5 seconds is 100% at 1.912Ghz and if you refresh it doesn't change. This indicates your cores are all running at max.  I took off Tegra Overclock and put No-frills on my Shield portable and it worked as I described. Note that you need to exit No-frills after applying the setting change and then re-open the app to see the change. It looks like interactive doesn't spend much time at all above 1.224GHz, so you should see some improvement by using Performance.

Support / Re: Issues with Rare games and more
« on: May 19, 2016, 03:23:20 PM »
SmashMan4 - You can achieve most of the capability of Tegra Overclock with No-frills CPU Control, which is free, for instance governor control. That's what I was using before Tegra Overclock. I figured I'd go with a Tegra optimised utility since I had the Shield, but to be honest I don't know if the "unleash potential" thing really does much. I previously ran No-frills CPU Control on my GPD G5A gamepad with interactive setting where the stock governor control was pretty bad and it made a significant improvement. By the way, performance setting in No-frills CPU Control will lock all cores at max frequency just like Tegra Overclock does.

Support / Re: Issues with Rare games and more
« on: May 14, 2016, 02:34:07 PM »
Here's a table of settings I use on my Shield Portable with Mupen64+AE latest alpha

Support / Re: Issues with Rare games and more
« on: May 13, 2016, 07:25:54 PM »
I use the following settings on Conker on the Shield Portable. I don't pay much attention to fps since the game seems smooth enough even though it's reporting lower than 30fps. The only thing I notice is that the music speed is occasionally a bit variable indicating some slow down at times. Perfectly playable though:

GlideN64-GLES 2.0 with widescreen hack on and Swap Frame Buffers set to On VI update call
640x480 rendered resolution
Stretch screen scaling

Here's my settings for some of the other games you mentioned:
Diddy Kong Racing: Glide64-Fast, 100% zoom, original screen scaling, native resolution

Jet Force Gemini: GlideN64-GLES 2.0 with widescreen hack on and Swap Frame Buffers set to On VI update call, native resolution, 100% zoom, Stretch screen scaling

Mario Golf: Glide64_accurate, 108% zoom, original screen scaling, native resolution

Perfect Dark: Rice-Accurate, 101% zoom, original screen scaling, native resolution

Mario Tennis I couldn't get to work properly with any emulation.

As a rule I've had to tune every game individually, picking individual emulation, zoom, scaling etc for each game on a trial and error basis until I get the best result. I'm in the process of putting my game settings into a table so I'll post when I'm done.

I'm also running an app from the play store called Tegra Overclock. I'm not actually overclocking, but I do have "unleash nvidia shield max potential (*tegra 4 based)" from "extras" checked. It also allows me to change the governor type, I'm usually on "interactive" but can select "performance" if I want, which locks all four cores at 1.91Ghz at the expense of battery life. I haven't found the need to change out of "interactive" with Mupen64 though.

Support / Re: How's the performance on mobile phones for you?
« on: April 05, 2016, 12:02:03 PM »
I installed and tried a selection of "master" builds from this year and found the following, with Goldeneye (Glide64-Accurate original ratio) and Conkers Bad Fur Day (GlideN64-GLES 2.0 widescreen hack). Framerate is ok until after the 2016-02-29 build. Both games crash on builds between 2016-03-02 and 2016-03-11, then flickers and audio is torn from 20163-12 to 2016-03-17.  I tried 2016-03-20 and that crashed again. 2016-04-04 doesn't crash and seems reasonable framerate at the moment, so will try it for a while. Looks to me like the March builds were a problem at least for my NVidia Shield Portable.

Support / Re: How's the performance on mobile phones for you?
« on: March 31, 2016, 04:57:27 PM »
The busy wait build is a very old build and the changes in that build are obsolete. How does the 2015/12/31 master build compare to the latest build? From the messages here I'm confused about whether the latest is faster or the older one is faster.

The 2015/12/31 master build is faster and offers more consistent framerates than the latest builds. In Goldeneye, using GlideN64-GLES-2.0 and Glide64-Accurate the framerates varied wildly with regular drops to single digit, whereas 2015/12/31 is consistently at 30fps even with Glide64-Accurate which is the slower of the two emulators but fewer graphical glitches. In Conkers Bad Fur Day I had to drop to a lower resolution to prevent the framerate variation from tearing up the sound. 

Support / Re: How's the performance on mobile phones for you?
« on: March 21, 2016, 05:51:25 PM »
I generally use either GlideN64-GLES-2.0 or Glide64-Accurate since Gln64 and Rice both have major glitches like black sky etc. GlideN64-GLES-2.0 also glitches on gunfire sometimes in Goldeneye but it has the highest framerate.

I tried the build fzurita mentioned earlier and the performance is all over the map with framerates varying wildly from 15 to 40 fps. Music speed changes constantly and stutters too.

This build has much better performance:

Support / Re: How's the performance on mobile phones for you?
« on: March 21, 2016, 03:15:29 PM »
What's different in the build you listed fzurita? I had performance issues on the later autobuilds on my Shield portable with regular drops to single digit framerates in Goldeneye (tried all options of emulator but the only the glide ones didn't glitch and were slow). I went to the last master autobuild of 2015 and have a fairly consistent 30 fps now. BTW I did try the build that had threaded sles audio, but it didn't seem to offload enough to help any with framerate.

Support / Re: Games don't show up in latest alpha builds
« on: March 21, 2016, 03:07:30 PM »
FYI I'm using the last auto build master of 2015 and not having any problem with the list now on my Shield Portable. Also the frame rate is about 30 to 40% higher on Goldeneye (my reference for having difficulty at running with decent frame rates) with the older build than recent ones  with little or no sound breakup compared to later builds using the same video and sound emulation.

Support / Re: Games don't show up in latest alpha builds
« on: March 18, 2016, 09:30:06 AM »
Will try the latest, thanks. I thought it might be an SD card permissions issue since I had that problem on my Shield Android TV when it went to Marshmallow, but Lollipop doesn't seem to have the same permit/deny permissions control (which is what I used to fix the issue on the SATV) so I don't think it's that.

Support / Games don't show up in latest alpha builds
« on: March 17, 2016, 05:06:29 PM »
On NVidia Shield Portable running Lollipop, after scanning for games, nothing shows up in the games list on the last couple of the Alpha builds. Had to go back a few revs to get one that would.

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