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General Discussion / Re: 3.0 Alpha Testing
« on: June 30, 2015, 06:43:28 PM »
Alpha 21 looks great. Couple of issues I noticed... some may be old, I haven't used mupen too much in the past.

- If you have a game configuration (even if you reset game settings to defaults), the game will fail to launch and mupen crashes. Workaround is to manually jump into the /data/data folder for the app and purge the game configuration file (and if you're not rooted... you gotta wipe data I guess) then the game starts working again. Specifically what I was doing to cause this was running Goldeneye (U) [!], messed with the preset config setting for it, ran it, it crashed, tried to reset game config, still crashed, found and deleted the game config file and then it ran fine.
- The touchscreen analog stick feels odd to me. If I touch it on the edge, for example, the game immediately registers a stick press in that direction. It's probably working as designed, but it would be nice to have a type of analog stick where I press down and the stick automatically centers under my finger. That way I can be less precise with my finger. I think such designs also tend to move the stick when the player's finger reaches the edge of it and keeps going, so the player doesn't have to move as far back to center. Some experimentation is needed here I think.
- On a similar theme it would be nice to scale individual controls in a touchscreen config. I noticed you can scale them all at once, I'm gonna try that and see if it helps me with my analog stick problems but we'll see. Might still be valuable to scale individual controls.
- It's a bit odd in the touchscreen config and in game to pull down the toolbar using the back button. I suggest you try Chrome Desktop and see how they handle pulling down a toolbar in fullscreen immersive mode... specifically, when you enter immersive mode, swiping to show the status bar/nav bar disables immersive mode and shows the toolbar (which is permanently visible and not overlapping the main view). This solves the issue with the inaccessible more button and the status bar overlapping the toolbar. Also makes it one less action to show it (no back button needed). Since we want to be in immersive mode most of the time, maybe the toolbar can go back to hiding and immersive mode comes back on if you tap inside the game.

The game browser is great, most of my games show up and it pretty much looks like what I wish all emulators did.

Could the choice be returned to the user? But instead of a menu, have the choice in the intent itself via an Extra parameter? Keep the default as is, as that will work for the majority, but the minority could provide this Extra parameter to get the game to launch as a Restart instead of a Resume.

Could always use a setting set in advance in the application. Default run mode for intent: Resume, Restart, Ask.

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