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Awesome app!  I'm actually building my own Arduino-based HID joystick & case for my Nexus 7 to enhance the gaming experience further.

I'd love to have native HID analog support for this app (Android 3+), but I know your attention is (understandably) diverted from this project for now.  I'd like to try adding the functionality myself, so I downloaded the source code from git.  However I was quickly overwhelmed with the amount of code!  Would you mind pointing me to the particular source files/classes pertinent to adding native HID/analog support, so I can give it a try?  If you have any cursory thoughts on the matter I'm all ears as well.  Of course if I'm successful, I will be happily obliged to contribute my mods back into the next release.

As an aside,  I am using USB/BT Joystick Center app with a Logitech gamepad, everything works fine.  Unfortunately my custom HID joystick (which is plug-n-play in windows) isn't working with Joystick Center and I've been in contact with that app's developer.  So between that app and this, I hope to have a solution to  Mupen64Plus + analog controls +my controller.

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