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DUALSHOCK 4 Controller (PS4) with Mupen64plus over Bluetooth. (GUIDE)


Bluetooth Dualshock 4 with Mupen64plus.

Works on most Android 4.2.2 and newer devices, if you are having problems with an OTG cable with Mupen64plus try step 3.

1. Download the FREE app"Bluetooth Auto Connect"by UniqTec from Google Play Store.

2. Unpair Dualshock 4 from PS4.
In PS4 settings, go to connected devices and delete the controller you want to use.

3. Bluetooth pair your Dualshock 4 to android.
Turn on your android's bluetooth, ensure you enable visibility.
On the Dualshock 4, press and hold BOTH the PS button and the Share button for 5 seconds.
The Lightbar on the controller will be flashing, it is searching for devices..
In the Android bluetooth menu, start a scan and Wireless Controller should appear after 5 or so seconds..
Select it and you will receive a request to pair the Controller after a few seconds.
You may need to try a few times to pair with the controller, make sure the Dualshock 4's lightbar is flashing when you try to connect.

Once you have successfully paired the Dualshock 4, turn off your phone's bluetooth. (You need the bluetooth OFF before the next step)

4. Remove Input Lag (EASY SETUP)
With your controller paired to your device as in step 3, and with your phone's bluetooth turned OFF, open the Bluetooth Auto Connect App.

The app will ask you to enable bluetooth, select NO for now and scroll down and select ADVANCED OPTIONS, then find and select DEBUG at the bottom of the page.
Once you enable DEBUG, close then reopen Bluetooth Auto Connect.

This time when the app asks to turn on bluetooth select YES.

Now while in the Bluetooth Auto Connect app, press the PS button on your Dualshock 4 and wait until it has connected with the phone.

 (The Bluetooth icon in the notification panel will have brackets < > around it when connected..)

Select the "CONNECT NOW" option.

You will now have a lag free connection with Dualshock 4 and can remap the controls in Mupen64plus Fz correctly.

If this did not work on your device and you still experience input lag, you may need to adjust some settings in the Bluetooth Auto Connect app.

Remove Input Lag (MANUAL SETUP)
Open the Bluetooth Auto Connect app.

Enter these settings:

Profiles = Input Device (HID) and tick the box
Devices = Wireless Controller
                  Networking (PAN) and tick the box
Settings Screen Action = Prompt to enable
Bluetooth On = tick
Device Connected = tick
Retry Count = 5
Retry After = 1
Device Timeout = 0
Priority Connection = tick
Continuous Connect = 10

Make sure every thing else is un-ticked in this menu.

Go back to previous menu and select the first option at the top of the menu "Connect Now"

5. Notes
You should now have a lag free connection, you can now remap controls in Mupen64plus without errors.

Test for lag by the using d-pad, it should not drop out or slow down, like it usually does after 10 seconds, prior to using the BT app.

You can close the BT Connect app now, there is no need to open it again, I recommend not deleting it.

If you notice no improvement, go to your android's bluetooth menu without turning off bluetooth, select the Settings icon next to Wireless Controller, and make sure the Input Device  box is ticked.

You can turn off bluetooth visiblity after you have paired the controller, and you shouldn't need to use Bluetooth Auto Connect again if it is set up correctly.

Turn off your android's bluetooth to turn off your controller.

To turn back on, press the PS button on the controller when android bluetooth is on, it should connect in less than 2 seconds.

If you plug the controller into the PS4 USB cable to charge, you will have to unpair it from PS4's settings before pairing with android.

If you have trouble reconnecting the controller to PS4 via cable, press the reset button on the underside of the controller (if it has one) 
If it still won't register with PS4, simply hold the SHARE and PS button while plugged into the USB cable..

Dualshock 4 Android controls:

Square / Circle = Enter / Select
X / Touchpad = Back/ Return
PS / L3 = Options / Settings
D-pad / Left Stick = Navigation

I hope this guide was helpful, leave a reply how it went for you, and any suggestions or improvements you may discover.

That's really useful information, I have always had issues with the ps4 controller and input delay.

You're welcome FZ.
I think that connecting via bluetooth may actually use less phone battery power than an OTG connection, because the dualshock 4 sucks power from the phone to charge it's battery.


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