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Extracting Textures with Mupen64plus FZ (GUIDE)

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This guide will show you how to extract textures from your roms on Android for viewing, or to create your own Hires texture packs..

Required Apps:
-Mupen64plusFZ (latest)
-An Android file explorer that supports note editing such as ES File explorer.


1. Open Mupen64plusFZ, choose the game that you want to extract textures from, launch the game using Rice video plugin. Wait for it to load then close Mupen64plusFZ.

2. Open ES File Explorer and swipe right to the directory. Find mupen64plus-fz > GameData > GAMETITLE > CoreConfig > mupen64plus.cfg

3. Scroll down to [Rice-Video] and find:
# Enable texture dumping
DumpTexturesToFiles = False

Change False to True, then save and close ES File Explorer.

4. Open Mupen64plusFZ, load the game with Rice again. (ensure High resolution textures is enabled)
Play for a bit to collect textures, then exit Mupen64plusFZ.

Some games may not display anything on screen with Rice video, but the textures will still be dumped if the rom is loaded.

5. Open ES file explorer > mupen64plus-fz > CoreConfig > UserData > mupen64plus > texture_dump.

6. There are 5 texture folders:


The 2 main texture folders to edit are:



Now that you can copy textures, you can edit them.

7. You can copy, edit or import new or HD textures to replace the old ones, as long as the filename is exactly the same as the extracted texture (including the .png extension) and moved to the correct folder it will replace it in Mupen64plusFZ.

For example you could find a grass texture you had extracted, then download a new HD grass texture from the web and rename it the same .png filename..

You can create your own texture packs.

8. Open the hires_textures folder,
(mupen64plus-fz > CoreConfig > UserData > mupen64plus > hires_textures)

You need to make a new folder here with the game's INTERNAL filename. This has to be exact for the emulator to use your new textures.

To find the Internal filename of your game, go to:
mupen64plus-fz > AppData > Glide64mk2.ini and scroll down the page.

2 examples of internal names:
Turok 2: Seeds of Ev

9. Example of how your Hi Res Folder should look:

mupen64plus-fz > CoreConfig > UserData > mupen64plus > hires_textures > TUROK_DINOSAUR_HUNTE > your texture/s.

You do not have to .zip your new textures,  but it's recommended to save space.

10. You can use HD textures with GLideN64 or Rice video plug-in.

Thanks for the guide!

You're welcome FZ.

If anyone can't get it to work or would like help, leave a reply.

Just wanted to check cause Im not having luck getting any of my textures to upload to the game using image.shack. Anyone else having this problem?

Setting up Hi Res textures can be a bit tricky.

Are you referring to playing a game with a Hi-Res texture pack that you downloaded, or replacing texture files into the original ROM?

Check out Section 8 in the guide above, specifically the part about renaming the texture pack to match the INTERNAL FILENAME.

Please let me know if this helped, I'll try to help you out if not.


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