Author Topic: Request Testing v3.0 and Feedback of New Cheat Menu  (Read 4957 times)

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Request Testing v3.0 and Feedback of New Cheat Menu
« on: May 18, 2015, 07:59:25 AM »
Hello Paul. SadisticSableye here and I have some questions and information for you. First, I love the work you and everyone else here at the forums do to make the best N64 emulator, ever! I am 18 years old and still have my original N64 and so many games with it. I was wondering if you might allow me to receive copies of the 'work-in-progress' apk's. I can not only test on my Galaxy S5, but I can also see how those games emulates games as compared to the real N64 counterpart (I have VAST collection of games). Thank you!
Last thing I wanted to talk about is the cheat menu. In alpha 19 (the newest apk I could find), the only cheats available are ones hardcoded into 2 files, so adding codes to hacks such as Super Mario Star Road was difficult and time-consuming. However, I found a post on your github that had an apk built with a beta of the new cheat menu. I will put the link at the end for those who would like it. My feedback is that the menu is AMAZING for being only temporary. All codes I have entered have worked. My only suggestions would be to make the editing of codes easier. Currently, you have to hold down the cheat and select edit. Other than that, jut small tweaks.
Thank you for all reading this and I hope to test for you Paul!

Link for beta cheat menu: newbielink: [nonactive]

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Re: Request Testing v3.0 and Feedback of New Cheat Menu
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2015, 08:27:55 AM »
Glad you like the app.  The APK in your link is quite out of date, and in fact all of xperia64's work on the new cheat editor is already in the Alpha releases.

If you want bleeding edge hourly builds, then go here:

But the cheat stuff hasn't changed in quite a while.

In any case, you do not (and should not) edit the cheat text files manually.  Use the cheat editor inside the app.  Go to the game specific settings, tap on Cheats, then tap on "Enable cheats" and "Manage cheat codes"
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