Author Topic: need developers! to help make a remake of zelda oot. into a bleach version(pc/ae  (Read 3199 times)

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The untold story behind ICHIGO'S bloodline

"Im trying to remake the legend of zelda ocarina of time, into a bleach version that explains how he got his powers. And the story of his  quincy bloodline."

To get this project in gear . I im going to need help with the scripts, Sprites, rigging of the npc's, sound. I have allready started with the models. I am using blender, for this project. So far i have the rough model of  ichigo's body. And the complete model of the first three states of his zanpokto.

I hope that people are willing to help with my first project.
I can handle all the model(s)and structure(s) wirh blender. But i dont know how to rig the models or get them to have physical collision  effect.
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