Author Topic: 007 Goldeneye Frame rate issue  (Read 1959 times)

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007 Goldeneye Frame rate issue
« on: January 27, 2014, 07:03:44 PM »
Hello board,

  First,  EXCELLENT emulator!  Takes me back to some fun times.  I purchased the AE plus edition from the market and installed it.  I have attempted to run 007 Goldeneye and Killer Instinct gold.  For 007, I switched to rice for the video plugin and unchecked auto frame skip.  The Dam level and the facility level were practically flawless, but the runway and Siberia levels (both of which render massive open spaces) are extremely choppy almost to the point that they are unplayable.  I read somewhere (though of course I can't recall where) that I have to first run 007 with gles2n64, pause the game and switch to rice...?  I have tried this but maybe there is a procedural error somewhere?  Or maybe its just a a very demanding game and thats all she wrote.  Is there any tweak I have missed?  I have spent a considerable amount of time changing video settings to no avail.  Thank you in advance for your help.

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Re: 007 Goldeneye Frame rate issue
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2014, 07:26:09 PM »
I have never heard the "run gles2n64, then rice" idea but I'm pretty certain that won't do anything.  For one, the published version actually restarts the entire app when you stop and relaunch the game, so it's not a RAM thing.

As for other ideas, if you haven't tried already, you could lower the rendered resolution in the Display settings.  But more than likely that may be all you can squeeze out of it on those levels, like you said due to the amount of stuff to render.  I used to play a ton of Goldeneye but I have only played the dam level in mupen, so I can't comment for certain.  I would definitely give gles2n64 a try again and enable frame skipping.  I'm not aware of many issues otherwise with goldeneye.

Actually, would you mind posting a save-state from those levels, so I can give it a test?
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