Author Topic: UnderGround Space Wars a Dungeon RTS gamers want  (Read 4722 times)

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UnderGround Space Wars a Dungeon RTS gamers want
« on: February 11, 2014, 07:28:10 AM »

Introducing a new Dungeon RTS Game called:


What is Underground Space Wars?

USW is a Dungeon RTS inspired by old school RTS games like Impossible Creatures, Dungeon Keeper and Tanktics.

It is currently in the Pre-Alpha state and plans to be cross-platform between Linux, Mac and Windows.


*Real time strategy in nicely created dungeon maps
*Control a group of goons, minions and "kidnapped heroes" into your destiny of being the underground super power.
*Pickup and drop your troops onto terrain
*Digging your dungeon into total perfection.
*Protect your dungeon command center while destroying enemy forces and their dungeon command center .
*Build dynamic rooms and infrastructure
*Train your minions
*Fuse minions together to create freaks of nature with unstoppable strengths.
*Smack a minion, like a boss.
*NO FREE-TO-PLAY foolishness
*NO PAY-TO-WIN nonsense


Click here to see YouTube footage >>

IF you would like to help out on the project let me know via private message.


Also please follow us on Twitter @PawByte [nofollow]

Game is available via SuperLongName's AlphaPrime Experience for 95% of it's price. Got $1+tax? Pre Order it now, to help cover production costs.

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