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Hey guys, new to emulation. Wanted to use the Mayflash 64 adapter with the nVidia Shield TV. It shows that the adapter and controller are recognized, but I cant map them, nor can I figure out how to get to mapping them.

Any help would be appreciated.

To map a controller not listed:

* Open up the side bar, go to profiles then controller.
* In there use the top right button to create a new mapping.
* Give it a name and hit ok.
* Map your buttons in that screen
* Go back to the main screen and open the sidebar again.
* Go to Profiles then Select Profiles
* Select the profile you created for "controller 1 profile"

I have tried my Nividia Shield TV Pro for the first time today.
I tried the suggestion by fzurita but I dont understand the "Map your buttons in that screen" (4) part
Can somebody please explain in "baby steps" ?
Also is it possible to  invert some of the controls?

regards a 100% noob

For step #4, it means to select each N64 button listed by pushing the Shield Controller "A" button. You will be prompted to enter a Shield Controller button to act as that N64 button.

If you map the wrong button, you can clear the current mapping by holding down the A button.

You can invert axis by select the opposite shield controller axis when asked to map a N64 axis.

thank you so much fzurita  :)
will try this again soon


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