Author Topic: How to setup Transfer Pak emulation  (Read 46607 times)

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How to setup Transfer Pak emulation
« on: March 10, 2018, 06:22:37 PM »
Mupen64plus FZ has added support for the transfer Pak. This is useful for games like Pokemon stadium and Pokemon stadium 2. Here is how to set it up.

What you will need
  • N64 ROM image that supports the transfer Pak
  • Gameboy or Gameboy color ROM image that the N64 game supports
  • File containing the in-game save for the GB/GBC ROM image, usually it has a .sav extension

  • Start up the Mupen64plus FZ app
  • Use the top right button called "REFRESH ROMS" to search for your N64 game, after the app finds your N64 ROM, it will show up in your library.
  • Select the ROM that showed up in your library and select settings
  • Select "Controller"
  • Scroll down to "controller paks" and for each player that you need the transfer Pak for, choose the transfer pak
  • Once the transfer Pak had been selected for the appropriate players, scroll down to the "transfer paks" section
  • For each player that you enabled the transfer Pak for, you will have to select a ROM and RAM image
  • For the ROM image select your GB or GBC ROM
  • For the RAM image select your GB/GBC in game save, usually it has a sav extension
  • Back out of all the menus and get back to the library
  • Select your N64 ROM and choose restart