Author Topic: Adding cht and txt files for Mupen64plus FZ  (Read 700 times)

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Adding cht and txt files for Mupen64plus FZ
« on: November 11, 2018, 02:29:50 PM »
Hi guys. I am attempting to get a mod game working for WWF No Mercy into FZ and I am having problems loading my custom .cht and .txt files in order to get everything working. Everything within the mod is working fine (hires textures, save file, etc), but I canít find where to drop these cheats files in the file explorer. BTW, Iím running Android 8.1 on an Odroid XU4.

Naturally, I can see where to add custom cheats within the FZ program itself, but with this particular mod, there are literally hundreds of cheats to add and enable.

Iíve no problem whatsoever getting these massive WWF No Mercy mods to work (cheats included) on Mupen64 AE - I wish there was only a way to have multiple versions of AE on my system so I can have various WWF No Mercy mods to choose from... But I digress.

Any ideas? Thanks so much!


Any ideas?