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random 2D block game thingy

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hallo peoplez,

this is a random wittle block game that you click to place blocks and click again to delete. I've randomly decided to make it and there's no objective mainly because I only managed to get the block object array to work yesterday and I just woke up sooooooooooo there's not really much in it the blocks themselves are extremely glitch when you climb up them and hi a block on yaw head and shizzles and yeh made in java its kinds horrid after looking at others games and stuff but meh people might like it idk o-0

welp smaller blocks and use 1-9 to change colour


fried suggested spikes to I added spikes. They hurt the player. plus place a spike ontop of another spike then spike on bottom becomes a pole so you can make big spikeeesssss

Lewl I added blood wellllll not blood the characters made from jelly sooo it actually jelly that explodes out :3

also added a proper starting level so you don't have to make a world to play on you can just play with the starter level and use the building stuff to modify it

also 1 and 2 switch between the blocks now and also p,o,l,k,j all select different blocks play it and find out yourself :3

Ive added an enemy and a save feature if there isn't a map to load it will load the map I made you can delete everything on the current map by pressing delete but for some reason you need to break a block first otherwise it wont delete everything not sure why ill look into it and also press enter to save your game and you will be able to access that save next time you play.

ill soon be adding things like a jelly gun to shoot and also evil jellies which are darker coloured and will attack using melee and so on and then a finish point for people to place in a level they are making so they have a finish point and things like that also a menu and better block collision


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