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Good morning. I am looking to find a way to write and read directly from memory (through an API perhaps?) because I wish to port features of a program I made that aids with machinima creation (Mario 64 Movie Maker, github: projectcomet64/M64MM) so it can be used by people that have little to no access to a computer. I however have not developed for Android before, and wish to know how to start and/or go about it. Any help?

It's pretty easy actually. You can cover the repository to your local computer:

You can do this directly from Android studio as well. So basically download android studio and import the repository. I haven't tried building in windows in a long time though. I would recommend Linux for building.

I believe that with the Android SDK properly installed there should be little issue :think:

Would it be easy to make an interface that edits specific memory addresses while the game is running? This is the sort of thing that I'm looking for to make...

You could use the existing cheat engine to do that I believe. The only problem is that the front end doesn't currently support applying cheats at run time, only before the game starts. The mupen64plus core definitely does support applying cheats while a game is running though.


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