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Zipped ROM files question
« on: May 30, 2014, 02:06:25 PM »

A question about how Mupen64plus AE works with zipped ROM files. I'm using an Archos GamePad. Currently I have my ROM files zipped in /mnt/external_sd/Nintendo 64/

For each game I play, I noticed that the emulator leaves an empty directory corresponding to the zip file name in /mnt/sdcard/mupen64plus/. So after playing ten games, there are ten empty directories in /mnt/sdcard/mupen64plus/.

Is the emulator un-zipping the ROM file to /mnt/sdcard/mupen64plus every time I play a game, then deleting the file whenever I switch to another app? So when I switch back to the emulator, it has to decompress the ROM again? If so, I'd like to avoid that; it's unnecessary flash I/O and wastes time.

Is there any way to avoid that, other than just using uncompressed game ROM files? I initially assumed the emulator doesn't copy the ROM being played to /mnt/sdcard/mupen64plus if the file is uncompressed, but I just tried with an uncompressed Super Mario 64 file, and there was an empty directory named Super Mario 64.n64 in /mnt/sdcard/mupen64plus after playing...