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Created it within 10-15 min, just added background with letters like in current banner, doing a bit more experiments...

A bit lighter background attempt.

I should add gears somehow...

i did one just for cracks also

I like my banner.   ;D


--- Quote from: Paul on February 26, 2012, 10:30:23 AM ---I like my banner.   ;D

--- End quote ---

Any chance to improve quality of your banner? I'm not sure where did you got resources so that I could try to re-make if possible...

Its a compilation of things I drew or created myself, and lines from actual source code (the code on the left is the HTML header from an early version of this website, and the code on the right is from my SoundSystem library).  The gear in the center is a sketch I did when I first started learning 3D modelling, and going from a sketch to a model.  I may work on improving the quality at some point.  The only things I might consider changing is the code on the left to something from Mupen64Plus AE or Yabause AE, and using a higher-resolution font for "PaulsCode.Com".


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