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So it's late over here and I cant sleep and for some reason ( I can only assume the lack of sleep) I noticed that apps seem to be going down a similar style and decided to knock up some (dodgey) concepts for Mupen a.e in the same kind of style

Main Screen listing roms in roms folder

Slide out side panel for settings

Very nice! well done.

I like that.  I'm not sure how I could do the box-art thumbnails legally, though.  I definitely couldn't include them in the app (I'd be banned from the Market for copyright infringement, and potentially sued by Nintendo and other copyright holders).  Maybe I could download them from somewhere when there is an internet connection (the assumption being that the user has a right to the game if they have it on their phone, to include the box-art).  It is definitely a legal grey area I'm not sure I want to enter.

Definitely grey although their are apps that are doing similar things on the android market atm for cd covers and have been up for years.

also SuperGnes has the feature, but like you say its a very grey area

I always wondered how the Devs of DaedalusX64 got away with providing thumbnail packs with their Beta 2 and Beta 3 releases. Not only that, they supply a separate download of a thumbnail pack for their Rev. releases.    ---> Example            (First Post. Under "Preview Pictures:")

I'd like to know if they've found a loophole.

To avoid any grey areas, you could add the feature of thumbnails which is just pointing to a folder, say at: /sdcard/Android/data/,  and users can add their own images (for the games that they own...). Have a default image included, that displays if no thumbnail is available.

I'm just throwing ideas here.

impressive GUI though.


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