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[WIP]VoxelMiner(name is still being worked on)
« on: September 02, 2013, 05:10:51 AM »
VoxelMiner is a Minecraft based game but will have things like furniture, Ore's, and gems that Minecraft does not have also it will allow the player to have jobs such as a miner and of course miner will be the primary job but the player will be able to choose his or her secondary job and will get paid for those jobs as i plan on implementing a job and bank system as well as a town system so that if the player chooses to make his or her own town he or she may do so but at the cost of losing their money (not completely just  lose what it costs to buy land or the town hall). Anyways i will also add tables and chairs as well and i fully intend on using a heightmap of the world map for the terrain and using my own custom songs and maybe sounds as well as textures and images for the game. The game will be made in LWJGL as for the OpenGL & AL extensions I am not sure if I should use Slick.Util or PaulsCode, also I am wanting a menu for my game and I have found some tutorials on youtube that are pretty useful as far as coding goes but I am using a Windows 7 64bit HP Pavillion g series and using Netbeans for this game and so far I must say It is quite amazing to use for java and LWJGL. But i thought I would let everyone know that it is a WIP or Work In Progress so please don't expect there to be anything major done as I am no pro but hopefully with the tutorials I am watching and reading I hope to make my game a reality :). Also I am making a Werewolf Mod for Minecraft so that is kind of why i am making this game for as i want to know what i am doing and such but I just mostly wanted to make just one game. But if anyone knows any good Tutorials on making a menu for the game and on HeightMaps in LWJGL that would be greatly appreciated:) and also I would like to hear your inputs on my idea for the game and already have a block ID List and i am currently up to 80+ block but after i include the armor and weapons im sure it will be 90+ but anyways let me know what you think as I plan on adding silver, copper, sapphire, ruby, and others on the way.

Oh also I am new to Java and LWJGL but yeah i think with the tutorials i watch and read as I go along i think I'll be ok that is until i get stuck lol anyways yeah i have tried making a menu for my game but can't seem to do that as I stated above I am using a Windows 7 operating system 64bits but the one on the LWJGL site didnt work for me or did it? O_o? but either way I think I am doing it wrong or was i doing it right by going to the LWJGL website tutorial on creating a menu for the game? O_o? anyways please let me know and any help would be gtrealy appreciated :) thanks guys and girls


Coding: 1%
Textures: 2%
Sounds: 50%
Songs: 50%
Terrain: 0%
Lighing: 0%
Shading: 0%
Sprites: 0%
Blocks: 30%
Items: 20%
Weapons: 0%
Tools: 50%
Jewelry: 40%
Shadows: 0%
Menu: In Progress
Achievements: 0%
GUI: 0%
Camera: Will be added after Menu
Player: Will be added with Camera