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Self Intro, some personal opinions
« on: May 08, 2012, 10:44:17 PM »
Hello Paul, and members of this great community...

First, I would like to thank you for this wonderful app...

I have to admit that finding this site and app was something I was not expecting to do since another Emulator has been satisfying my needs for 64. But after I tried Mupen64 AE, it gave me many features, the other emu lacked and to see that this app is being develop and currently working on, made me very happy.

I am an Atrix MB860 user and many games runs very good with it, hopefully more games will join.

I would like bullet point a list of Pros and things-to-improve IMHO when comparing Mupen64plus to N64oid since I currently use both equally.

Mupen64plus PROS and advantages:

-Multi Player Capabilities. (absolutely awesome, combine this with Wiimote Controller and a TV and it is a lot of fun with friends, is great to share nostalgia)

- Controls, specially touch one is very neat. well spaced and responsive for most games.

- Multiple plug-ins

- Cheat feature!

- WORK IN PROGRESS... fantastic that you guys are supporting this classics... I enjoy new games but N64 lives deeply in my heart....

- Popular Games that work great

> Mario Kart 64
> Star Fox 64
> Golden Eye 007
> Super Mario 64
> Tony Hawk Pro Skater
> Monster Truck Madness 64
> Legend Of Zelda The Ocarina of Time. except for inside of rooms.

Things-to-Improve IMHO (I know some or all of this might be already something on a check list but Im gonna write it down anyway, you might find something new...) (no particular order)

- UI buttons for menu

- a Reset option (reset for the game, specially if one has the Auto Save option checked)

- A hold option for some button (for racing games. There are good ideas in the forum already)

- More game compatibility, of course. Games that need work are:

> Mario Kart. Multi Player, only Player 1's top half of screen is visible.
> Turok series. need work mostly on 2n64 plugin. But also HUD and some graphics for 2rice plugin
> Super Smash bros. is playable but some layers are invisible, such as HUD (damage, time, etc), fire, and some flat animations.

- Games that are not yet playable (crossing my fingers for this titles in the near future):

> Domkey Kong 64. Nothing, app crashes
> Rayman 2. Only sound, all black (I understand that this also happen to Zelda Majora's Mask)
> Excitebike 64. Can't get past initial screens and logos
> Jet Force Gemini. Black screen flashing when trying to play.

Final personal note for post, I think this has an incredible potential and I will definitely recommend this to friends with Android which every day are more and more...

keep it up!
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