Author Topic: Removed from Android Market again - Feature Request for future release please  (Read 1665 times)

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Hi Paul,

Sorry if this is in the wrong section but there doesn't appear to be a 'feature request' subject on the forum.

Anyway, I have purchased your excellent emulator twice from the Play Store, prior to it being wrongfully removed for a second time - and was happy to do so to support future development.  I just wondered if you had any plans to release a version with an auto-update feature that doesn't rely on the Play Store or visiting your site to see if there is an updated version?

This would be a worthwhile feature for all the folk who purchased from the Play Store thinking they would automatically be notified of a new release?

With thanks and all the best for future development.....

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I've been working with a guy for the past couple weeks, who has an interesting idea that could be used to do auto updates.  He is hoping to sell front-ends (which was one of my original plans for when Mupen64Plus AE was out of Beta testing, BTW).  The idea would be to have the core and plug-ins downloaded rather than included with the front-end.  The reasoning behind this is that by not including them with the front-end, they are not part of a "whole work", allowing the front-end to remain closed-source.  In theory, this idea could be used to auto-update the native components.  To be honest, I don't think the project is quite ready for this though, because a lot of the updates involve the front-end, and there's no way that I can see to auto-update the Java components (i.e. the GUI) without an APK.  Instead, I think the front-end will have to use a new API to construct the menus, rather than having them hard-coded.  That is the eventual plan for the project, but it's not quite there yet.  Anyway, it won't help the folks like you who bought the app through Google Play, since I can't publish apps any more now that my account has been banned.
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