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Links in signature block no longer allowed


In the next few days, I will be writing a script that deletes all users who have links in their signature blocks.  This is an attempt to eliminate the thousands of spam bot accounts that have been created over the past few months.  If you are a legitimate user and have links in your signature block, please remove them ASAP, or your account will be deleted and you will have to create a new one.

Is there a way to email users to inform them before this is done?
Some people might be infrequent users

That's a good idea.  I should be able to write a second script that emails everyone who has a link in their signature.  I can run it a few days before I run the other script.

So its impossible to download the mupen right now?

No, you can get the latest interum build from the links I posted earlier in this thread, or the official 1.9.2 build from github.  Alternately, this temporary link should work for 1.9.2:

Version 1.9.2 alt link


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