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Hi! with my nexus 5 , i got 60 fps with legend of oasis in uoyabause. ( my nexus 5 is rooted and i use aero control to let the cpu minimum and maximum at 2260 mhz and change and force it to performance mode)

with my alcatel ido 3 i only got 40-45 fps.

Could i get 60 fps with a 808 or 810 snapdragon device like LG G4.
i hesitate to buy a LG G4. but i dont want to have a inferior performance to my nexus 5. i want a stable 60 fps in legend of oasis and others games like with my nexus 5.

thanks for answers !!! :)

I run uoYabause on my Snapdragon 801 phone and it runs fine, but you'll need to disable CPU tessellation to get 60 fps in most games.  Some of the more demanding games will not run full speed though.  The emulator should run better on the Snapdragon 810/820. 


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