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Hey guys.

After speaking with Paul, It has been decided that I will continue the Yabause AE project.
I am still working on Mupen 64 also however.

My previous experience with emulation is on the deadalusx64 project and also snes9xeuphoria. Both on the PSP. My main experience was with the snes emulator and I managed to get that full speed. My initial aim is to get yabause ae up to a similar standard as Mupen64 AE.

I have submitted a first version to google play ( I go by "InfuseDreams" ) and will be updating regularly.
I have created a bitbucket repo for the project which you can follow, and of course get the latest code.

There is a lot of cleanup and stuff needed yet, and the code needs a lot of restructuring and the build process simplified. I wanted to get this out to see how interested folks are in the project and take it from there.

I am working on several things right now whilst I type this however.

You can follow development either here or on my site:

Thanks !

--Edited by Paul, Reason: Infusedreams Yabause AE forum link changed

Good luck!  Be sure to post any important updates here too.

Glad to hear someone is working on this again.

Be sure to keep in touch with the Yabause devs on their forum. When Paul first got turned onto this project it was because I had referred him to a post on their forum about a very early Android port they had made.

They were also gave Paul some help in the development of this branch.

I am sure the Yabause team would be more than willing to help you as long as you share source code with them.

Saturn is one of my favorite systems and I have been dreaming of a perfect emulator for Android for two years

thank you for the information trev!

Will post some compatibility tests on ur site this week


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