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Android 2.3 to 3.0

Sony-Ericcson Xperia PLAY touchpad is fully supported for analog control.

New!  PowerA's MOGA series of controllers are now fully supported all the way back to Android 2.3.  You just need to install the official MOGA Pivot app.  Root not required for full analog control!  See below for additional notes.

Android 3.1 and Above

Any controller that uses the HID protocol should be compatible if you're running Android 3.1 or higher.  If not, please see the troubleshooting section below and post a reply in this thread.  We'll get you up and running in no time.

USB-based wired controllers:
Your tablet/phone needs to support USB OTG and you will need an OTG adapter.
 - The vast majority of USB-based Windows-compatible controllers built in the last 10 years are fully supported.
 - Xbox 360 controllers (official or third-party) fully supported.
 - Wired PS3 controllers (official or third-party) fully supported.
 - Raphnet Technologies USB adapters fully supported.
 - Mayflash/Huijia USB adapters fully supported.
 - Retrolink N64 Classic USB controller support is not recommended.  We've received mixed compatibility reports.  See here and here for details.  It appears that this device is unrecognized by the Android operating system in most cases.
 - Your mileage may vary for other USB adapters for original console controllers. Testers needed!

USB-dongle-based wireless controllers:
 - Compatibility generally follows the same rules as USB-based wired controllers above.
 - Official wireless Xbox 360 controllers are fully supported except for the D-pad, which is unfixable due to Google/Microsoft's broken drivers.

Bluetooth-based wireless controllers:
 - New!  PowerA MOGA series fully supported.  See below for important notes.
 - OUYA fully supported.
 - Mad Catz C.T.R.L.R. fully supported.
 - iControlPad fully supported in gamepad mode.
 - GameStop Red Samurai series fully supported in gamepad mode.
 - Nyko PlayPad series fully supported in gamepad mode. See here if you have difficulty re-mapping the left analog stick.
 - Wireless PS3 controllers fully supported using Sixaxis Controller app in gamepad mode. That app currently requires root for analog capabilities and does not usually work with non-Sony-branded controllers. See that app for full support details.
 - Wiimote controllers supported using Wiimote Controller or similar apps, but only in digital mode (analog not currently supported).
 - This list will be extended as more users report their results.

Built-in controllers:
 - Xperia PLAY (with custom ICS+ ROM) is fully supported, although some users have had problems with the circle button when running a custom Android ROM.
 - Archos GamePad is fully supported. You do NOT need to use the Archos touch-mapping software.
 - NVIDIA Shield is fully supported.
 - JXD S7300 is fully supported but requires custom firmware (Sxelrom 3.5 or higher).  See here for installation tips (thanks snapuswip3!).

Additional Info for MOGA Controllers

There are at least three ways to use the MOGA series controllers.  All three options provide true analog control and the ability to re-map buttons in Mupen64Plus AE.

Note that Mupen does NOT appear inside the Pivot app menu, due to MOGA's corporate policies on emulators.  Just minimize the Pivot app after you connect, and launch Mupen the usual way.

Option 1: Use official MOGA Pivot app in mode A
 - Android versions: 2.3 and up
 - Root not required
 - Compatible with MOGA Pocket: Yes
 - Compatible with MOGA Pro: Yes
 - Menus navigable by controller: No

Option 2: Use official MOGA Pivot app in mode B
 - Android versions: 3.1 and up
 - Root not required
 - Compatible with MOGA Pocket: No
 - Compatible with MOGA Pro: Yes
 - Menus navigable by controller: Yes

Option 3: Use unofficial MOGA Universal Driver app
 - Android versions: 3.1 and up
 - Root required
 - Compatible with MOGA Pocket: Yes
 - Compatible with MOGA Pro: Yes
 - Menus navigable by controller: Yes

Multi-Player Setup with Native Controllers

When multiple controllers are enabled, you will see an additional "Multi-player" setting in the Play menu.  Click that menu item and a dialog will pop up.  Tap "Player 1" and press a button on the first player's controller.  Then do the same for the remaining players and controllers.  If any player is using multiple devices simultaneously (e.g. a joystick and a keyboard), just repeat the process for each device used by that player.  Then tap OK and start the game.

You will need to use this screen after every reboot, or after you disconnect and reconnect a controller.  We recognize that this is a PITA and may be rather unintuitive if you're coming from PC gaming or other consoles.  The fundamental issue is that Android does not have a reliable way to remember specific controllers between reboots and controller disconnects, so we're forced to go through this extra step.  We have been working on this for quite a while -- and continue to work on it -- but we still haven't found a reliable solution to this annoyance.  If you have any ideas, we're always happy to listen.

Multi-Player Setup with IME-Based Controllers

1. In Mupen, go to Settings->Input and enable "Share controller".
2. If everything is set up properly, you will not see the Multi-player settings in the Play menu.  That is not an error.
3. Important: Be sure that each controller's buttons/sticks are mapped to unique keys.  This is the only way that Mupen will be able to distinguish players when using an IME like USB/BT Joystick Center or Wiimote Controller.
4. See the subsections below for controller-specific instructions.

Wiimote controllers
Spoiler: Wiimote controllers • show
0. Follow the instructions above for IME-based controllers.
1. Install the Wiimote Controller app.
2. In the Wiimote Controller app, go to Menu->Preferences->Mapping options.
3. Be sure that each wiimote's buttons are mapped to unique keys (they should be by default).

Troubleshooting and Debugging

If you have read all the directions above and still can't seem to get your controller to work, please let me know.  I'd like to see as many controllers supported as possible, and will be happy to work with you to implement a solution.

To help me diagnose the problem, please do the following:
 1. Go to Settings->Input->Controller->(menu)->Analog info.
    - Take a screenshot or write down exactly what you see.
 2. Go to Settings->Input->Controller->(menu)->Controller info.
    - Take a screenshot or write down exactly what you see for the controller of interest.
 3. Send me a PM with this information or post to this thread.

For extra credit:
 4. Go to Settings->Input->Controller->(menu)->Controller diagnostics.
 5. Press each button/stick/trigger on your controller and confirm that all signals are being read by the app.  You should see button presses appear on the left side of the screen, and analog motions on the right side.
 6. If any of your button/stick/trigger presses do not show up on the screen, make a note of which ones they are.
 7. Pay particular attention to cases where you press a single input but the input shows up in two places simultaneously.  For example, the Nyko PlayPad series controllers will send both an AXIS_X and an AXIS_HAT_X signal when you move the left stick side to side.  This is an easy problem to solve, but I'll just need some extra information from you.
 8. Post back describing your observations, and we'll proceed from there.

The latest official update to android 4.2.1 on the nexus 7 unfortunately broke bluetooth so currently only wired or wireless-dongle controllers will work.

there is a bug report that you can star if you want it fixed just here:

if you're desperate then this bug report might also be relevant:


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