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Nexus 4 (4.2.1) / Acer Iconia A511 (4.1.2)
iControllpad in HID Gamepad mode ( X and Y + start ) (latest firmware 2.5a)

The gamepad can be enabled without a 3rd party app like bluezIME in gamepad mode.
Preconfigured buttons:
A - A
X - B
right shoulder button - Z
Start - start
D-Pad - U,D,L,R
Left Analog - U,D,L,R analog

Other buttons needs to be mapped

In SPP mode, you can use the iControllpad with bluezIME, but without analog input.

Thanks!  So do you get true analog control with the iControlPad and Mupen64PlusAE?  Not sure which version you're using, but 2.0.3 (published today) should have more buttons mapped by default, e.g. c-pad to right-stick on many controller models.

I plan to have custom profiles implemented soon so people can store their personal favorites.  In the meantime, I can hard-code more profiles for anyone interested or if you can't seem to get input mapping working for your controller.  To do this, just do the following:
 - Open Controller diagnostics in the Advanced menu or from the mapping screen menu
 - Write down the raw controller signal you'd like something mapped to, e.g.
      * Start = KeyCode 108
      * C-up = AXIS_RZ (-)
      * C-down = AXIS_RZ (+)
      * etc.
 - Send me a PM with your controller brand/model and the list you just made

Yes, it's analog. Tested on Mario64 running slow and fast.
Just downloaded the new emu version. On the right analog stick, C-left and C-right only seems to be mapped.

AXIS_RZ is currently named as " AXIS_Z ". X axis is named AXIS_RX. Shouldn't it be RZ and RX ?

The Icontrollpad is somewhat unprecisely on the analog sticks sometimes and gives values from +/- 0,85 to 1,00 for the directions. Maybe that's the reason, why C-up/down not mapped ?

Cool, that's great about the analog.  As long as it's possible to map all nubs and buttons to whatever you want, that's what matters.

Whether or not the "right" thing is mapped by default is not that big of a deal, since there are no real standards between controllers.  For example, the Xbox 360 controller calls the triggers AXIS_Z and AXIS_RZ, and calls the right stick AXIS_RX and AXIS_RY.  The PS3 controller calls the triggers AXIS_LTRIGGER and AXIS_RTRIGGER, and calls the right stick AXIS_Z and AXIS_RZ.  And other controllers are different still.  So it's impossible to create a one-size-fits all default map.  But if you can map everything to your liking, and get true analog control, I would call that "fully supported".

Hi, sorry to revive an old thread, but it seems the most adequated.

Lately the inexpensive Ipega bluetooth is everywhere, so it could be great that you can support it natively.

here you can see how it is mapped: [nofollow]

I think that the mode people use most is the keyboard mode, but i could be wrong ...

Thanks and keep up the good work :D


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