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I have packaged up the perl ips rom patching script into an apk. (Yes I know a java ips patcher exists but it doesn't seem to patch correctly). Make sure you have at least 10MB of internal storage free to allow perl to be installed. When you are finished patching, you can clear the data of IPS Patcher to free some space. Everything is contained within the app so no downloads are necessary. Patching appears to work correctly as the md5sums from a Lunar IPS patched rom are identical.


Source (GPL):

New method of IPS patching using a native library. It is much smaller and only requires ~512KB.
If it does not work, make sure your ROM is correct or try a different one. A corrupt ROM caused a couple hours of frustration for me.

Now supports UPS patches as well.

Added xdelta3 and bps patch support:
Tomorrow, I will add ppf and bsdiff support and upload the source as it contains GPL components again.

Now supports bsdiff and ppf patches:
Tested with super mario 64 star road ppf patch. Still need a tester for bsdiff.
Make sure to follow the readme for all patches as some roms require extending. Also, any roms over 2GB will most likely not work.


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