Author Topic: Ultimate Proof that yongzh is using RICE  (Read 4820 times)

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Ultimate Proof that yongzh is using RICE
« on: December 21, 2011, 02:11:39 PM »
We already are fairly sure yongzh is using gles2rice as his video plugin for n64oid but here is more proof.
This proof involves graphical glitching in super smash bros, kirby stage, which is exactly the same when using gles2rice in mupen64plus and n64oid. if you look at the tree with the face at the correct angle and location when paused, it will look like a cone. (The colors are a result of the screenshot apps not working properly with newer devices)
Yongzh's n64oid (w/"Default"):
Yongzh's n64oid (w/"gles2n64 (The original)"):
Mupen64plus AE (w/
Mupen64plus AE (w/