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I decided to see what it would take to port one of the Android Commodore 64 emulators to OUYA.  Took a look at FrodoC64 today.  The project was pretty ancient and took a lot more work to fix than I anticipated (lots of stale reference errors - my recent work with SDL 2 and "Issue #30" helped me solve those).  Here's a short video I made after I got it running:

Should just be a matter of tweaking the UI to make it navigable with the controller, and correcting for overscan.  I probably won't work on this for a couple weeks though (too many other things on my plate at the moment!)

If you are trying to fill the gaps in the android emulators ecosystem, the most uncared one is the amstrad cpc  :D

Nah, I just wanted to play the Commodore 64 on my TV, and none of the Android versions really work for the OUYA.

Just out of curiosity, can you enable .t64 support? FrodoC64 4.1 says it supports tape images but the current android frodo cannot

This is based directly on the Android port, so I'll have to see why it was disabled and if it can be enabled.


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